For Patients at Grand River Medical Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do if I need after hours care?
If your health concern is an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room; otherwise call our office number 563-557-9111 or toll free 877-270-9111 and you will be connected to our answering service. They will contact the "Physician on call" and he/she will call you back.

If I am admitted to the Hospital, will my primary Physician or Hospitalist handle my care?
Your Primary Physician may have a Hospitalist manage your care while you are in the hospital. Hospitalists are trained to care patients while they are in the hospital setting. Grand River Medical Group is transitioning to this model of care. During this transition, you may be cared for by your primary care physician or by one of our hospitalists. Grand River Medical Group specialists are still available as consulting physicians and provide assistance to your primary care physician or one of our hospitalists as needed.

Does my Physician need a copy of my Living Will?
Yes, it is important to us to know your wishes. Also, your preferred hospital and key family members should also have copies.

Do physicians provide Nursing Home care?
If you are unable to come to our office to see your Physician, we have a physician who specializes in convalescent (nursing home) care. He can see you at the nursing home. There still may be situations where you will need to come to the office (for example, to see one of our specialists) but the nursing home can facilitate getting you to our office.

What are the directions for fasting lab?
"Fasting" means that you do not eat for 8 hours prior to your lab test. You may drink plain water as needed. Unless directed by your doctor, you should take your medications as directed. Again, it is OK to use a small amount of water to aid in swallowing your pills.

Why can't I drive myself home after having a procedure in the Dubuque Endoscopy Center?
The medication given to you during your procedure to help you relax can stay in your system for 8-12 hours. This medication can impair your ability to drive so we require you to have a licensed driver, 18 y/o or older, available to drive you home.

Do we communicate with patients via e-mail (electronically)?
Yes, you can communicate with our office securely through our Patient Pathway. If you have not signed up for our Patient Pathway please ask a receptionist during your next visit. 

How can I get copies of my medical record?
Please contact our Bill Department at 563.589.4030 to have a Medical Release Form sent to you. Or click here to print a copy. A Medical Release Form is required for your medical records to be released to you or another entity. You can also visit any of our clinic locations to complete the Release of Information. 

Can I make an appointment without my insurance card?
Yes, but you will be billed for all services until we receive your insurance information.

I have a question about my bill, who should I talk with?
Please call our office at 563.589.4030 to speak with our Billing Department.