For Patients at Grand River Medical Group

Patient Pathway Frequently Asked Question

What is Patient Pathway?
Grand River Medical Group Patient Pathway is a great way to participate in your medical care using the internet. Access to your account is always available any time and is a convenient, secure way for you to access key components of your health information.

How do I sign up for the Patient Pathway?
While visiting Grand River Medical Group inform your receptionist, when checking in, that you would like to sign up for the Patient Pathway.

  • You will need to provide a personal and active email address.
  • If you are requesting access on behalf of someone else (e.g., legal guardian) and they are not present and/or unable to give consent then you must provide documentation showing that you are the legal representative.
  • An invitation email will be sent to you within 5 business days at the e-mail address you provided.
  • This email will supply a link to the Patient Pathway login screen.
  • Please note the Patient Pathway invitation email is valid for only 10 days.
  • If you do not enroll within this time period, you must contact Grand River Medical Group to request a new invitation email.
  • If you have a filter for “junk” mail, please monitor your junk folder for Grand River Medical Group Patient Pathway emails.

What is available in the Patient Pathway?

  • You can check on your lab and radiology results.
  • View and print a summary of your health care record.
  • Ask a professional non-urgent questions about your medical care.
  • Watch for more features to come.

Any restrictions to using Patient Pathway?
Yes. The Patient Pathway does NOT allow:

  • Urgent communications or services.
  • Medication refill requests at this time.
  • Access to information for patients age 12-17.
  • Exchange of information regarding highly sensitive medical issues.
  • Making online payments.

As a parent, why can’t I have access to my 12-17 year old child’s portal account?
Iowa’s Minor Consent Laws protect specific healthcare services for minors between the ages of 12-17; this limits what parents are allowed to see without written consent. At this time our portal does not have the technical ability to limit this protected information which is why we have to restrict access. We are working with our vendor to implement a proxy-type access in the future.

Can I request prescription refills?
No, while the Patient Pathway does list the current medications you are taking, you will still need to contact your pharmacy to request refills on your prescriptions.

Can multiple family members use the same email?
Yes, but each family member will have a separate Patient Pathway account with separate username and password to access their own account.
Please Note: If you are using a shared e-mail account and don’t receive an e-mail containing your username and password, please contact the office.

Will only my doctor see my message or information submitted?
Staff members other than your doctor will be involved in receiving your message. This ensures your questions are routed to the appropriate department to handle your question or concern. They may require they be sent to someone other than your doctor including but not limited to; a nurse, receptionist, or another doctor if your regular doctor is out of the office or unavailable.

How secure is my medical information?
 Your personal health information included in your Patient Pathway account is a secure snapshot of your medical record. We have taken all reasonable efforts to maintain the security of your medical information.

I think my Patient Portal account has been compromised (i.e. someone else has accessed my account). What should I do?
Call Grand River Medical Group Patient Pathway Support Line immediately at 563-589-4080 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday excluding Holidays. We can then disable your Patient Pathway account. If you would like to continue to use Patient Pathway, please stop in the office and ask one of our receptionists to assist you with reactivating your account. We will issue you a new user name and password.

What do I do when I am locked out of Patient Pathway
To unlock your account call Grand River Medical Group Patient Pathway Support Line at 563-589-4080, Option 1, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM  Monday - Friday excluding Holidays. A staff member will assist you with unlocking your account. After talking with the staff member an email will be sent to you containing steps to rest your password.  

If you have any additional questions regarding your Patient Pathway Account call the Patient Pathway Support Line at:

(563) 589-4080.