For Patients at Grand River Medical Group

Tips for Successful Visit

When making an appointment, schedule it as far in advance as possible and specify the nature of your problem so we can schedule an appropriate amount of time for your visit.

Bring the following items with you on your visit:

  • Any MEDICATIONS you are taking. (It is a good habit to bring all your medications with you to every visit to your doctor, including nonprescription medicines and any herbal therapies.
  • Your current insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid ID cards.
  • A valid photo ID and/or driver's license.

Please advise Patient Services staff of any changes in your address, telephone number, insurance coverage, marital status, etc., that might have occurred since your last visit. Also, when your visit is for a job-related illness or injury (workers' compensation), please notify Patient Registration EVERY time you come for such a visit.

Come prepared with your questions and problems. It may be helpful to write these down. We are here to keep you in the best possible health.

If your physician recommends any follow-up tests or examinations, please schedule these tests with the receptionist before you leave our office.

If you have any diagnostic tests (blood work, x-rays, mammography, Pap smear) during your office visit, you will be informed of the results. If you have not been notified of the test results within three weeks of your office visit, please call Grand River Medical Group at 563-557-9111 and ask to speak with your provider's nurse.