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Grand River Medical Group (GRMG) strives to provide high-quality, coordinated care to all patients that walk through our doors. We understand that giving patients the right care at the right time can improve outcomes. GRMG participates in multiple Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to improve care coordination while further enhancing the patient experience and lowering the overall cost of care. The following are just some of the topics we focus on in the Population Health Department:


One of the biggest focus areas is access. Can we get patients in to the office in a timely manner? When is the next available time-slot for different appointment types? What is the wait time when they get here? What do physician schedules look like day-to-day? Do we need to recruit more staff?

These questions are constantly monitored through data in our EMR. When concerns arise, we collect and analyze data, interpret those results and take necessary action. We pride ourselves on the availability of same day and walk-in appointments in our Pediatric and Family Medicine Clinics and the expansion of offering Saturday appointments at our Multi-Specialty Clinic. A newer feature we offer is the Healow App exclusively for GRMG patients. This is a way to connect with your provider via the web when you have questions.


Patient care is of utmost importance at GRMG. Our staff is committed to giving you the best experience from the time you come through the door to the time you leave. We want you to feel comfortable asking questions and to establish a trusting relationship with our clinicians.

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) is a survey given out to Medicare patients each year, gathering information about the patient experience. The surveys capture real feedback from real patients. In 2018, GRMG scored in the 90th percentile for “Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information” in addition to “How Well Your Providers Communicate”.


Population Health strives to increase quality and simultaneously decrease the cost of services. This is done by reducing unnecessary services, seeing your Primary Care Provider instead of Urgent Cares and Emergency Departments whenever possible and keeping in mind the cost of medications.


Disease prevention is crucial to the health of our society and future populations. Investing in disease prevention early on can also help to mitigate the rising cost of healthcare. At GRMG, we place special attention on preventive screenings and appointments from breast cancer screenings to immunizations based on age to yearly visits with your primary care clinician (PCC).

It is with great excitement to report that GRMG scored very high on the completion of breast cancer screenings in 2018 in addition to colorectal cancer screenings. Below is a quick snapshot:

2018 Completion rate Breast Cancer ScreeningColorectal Cancer Screening


Over the 2018 year, a team of clinical staff worked together to create a process to improve our transitional care management (TCM). TCM is needed when someone is discharged from the hospital or nursing home. To improve continuity of care, we put a process in place to ensure all patients being discharged receive a follow-up call in addition to setting up appointments and connecting to services as needed. Since the implementation of this process improvement, we have seen a significant decrease in discharges all-together and an increase in completed follow-up appointments.

We saw a 43.57% decrease in discharges from November 2018 through April 2019

61.41%TCM Completion Rate in November 2018
76.47%TCM Completion Rate in April 2019
15.06%Percent increase over 6 months



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