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Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of patients that reside in nursing homes. When people have medical problems that require a stay in a nursing facility, it may be difficult for the patient to come to the office and be seen by their primary care doctor. While it still may be necessary for the patient to come to our medical office, especially if the patient needs an evaluation by a specialist, Grand River Medical Group is able to offer a physician evaluation at the nursing facility.

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Dr. Allen Meurer and Dr Gina Moran are board certified in internal medicine and currently examine patients residing in nursing homes who cannot come into the office. Most patients keep their primary care physician when residing in a nursing facility but the nursing facility regulations mandate regular evaluations from a health care provider. Bringing the patient into the office for this required visits can be difficult on the patient. Dr. Meurer and Dr Gina Moran can see a resident at the nursing facility when needed and medically appropriate.

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Dr. Meurer

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Dr Gina Moran

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