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Nephrology and Dialysis in Dubuque, IA

Nephrology is a medical specialty that focuses on diseases of the kidney. Dialysis is a procedure that is helpful to patients who have lost their normal kidney function. 

Providers Specializing in Nephrology

Grand River Medical Group has two board certified nephrologists on our staff: 

dubuque, iowa, dr j whalen, nephrology, tri-state dialysis

Dr. John Whalen

dubuque, iowa, nephrology, tri-state dialysis

Dr. David Ringold

About Dialysis

Dialysis commonly involves removing the blood of the patients and passing it through the dialysis machine to remove waste products and then, returning the blood to the patient. Dialysis done in this fashion is called "hemodialysis". Hemodialysis is normally provided in a specialized center and most patients have hemodialysis for 3-4 hours on three days of each week. For a select group of patients, hemodialysis can be done at home. Ask your nephrologist if you qualify for home hemodialysis.

Dialysis services include the following:

About Peritoneal Dialysis

Another way of providing dialysis is called peritoneal dialysis. This dialysis is usually done by the patient him/herself and involves inserting a special fluid into the abdominal cavity. In order to get the fluid into and out of your abdominal cavity, a special catheter is inserted. Usually the fluid is removed and replaced 4 times daily. Patients receiving peritoneal dialysis are being dialyzed continuously. Deciding on hemodialysis (home or at a specialized center) or peritoneal dialysis is a complex decision. Between you and your Grand River Medical Group nephrology team, the best option will be provided to you.

Our Locations

Grand River Medical Group, P.C. operates a dialysis unit at 1500 Delhi Street, across the street from our main office. Satellite dialysis units are located in Manchester, Iowa and Platteville, Wisconsin. These dialysis units are known as "Tri-State Dialysis".

The Dubuque dialysis unit is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM-5 PM. 

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about any of our services, please let us know. The staff of Tri-State Dialysis can be reached at (563) 589-4033 (Dubuque), (563) 927-7370 (Manchester) or (608) 348-5064 (Platteville, WI).